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The Vehicle inspection mnemonic is POWDER

Before a responder goes out on a call the vehicle should be inspected to minimise the risk of accidents and failure.

Use the mnemonic POWDER:

P - Petrol
check that there is sufficient fuel in the vehicle
O - Oil
check all fluids including engine oil, brake fluid, steering fluid.
W - Water
check both coolant and the windscreen wash; in muddy conditions being able to wash/wipe the windows is vital for safe driving.
D - Damage
check for loose bits that may fall off, damaged components that might fail, get under and check joints and bushes, check light lenses etc.
E - Electrics
check that all the electrics work including the wipers, lights, horn and screen wash
R - Rubber
check the tyres for tread depth (minimum 1.6mm) inflation, cuts, and abrasion; check the wiper rubbers



In order to ensure that the service provided by 4x4 Response Wales is up to a high standard and is delivered as professionally as possible, Training and Development takes a high priority. The Group has a formalised programme which starts with a Responder Training and Assessment Day which all Driving members are required to complete as soon as possible after joining and prior to being included on the callout list. This involves the following activities and is designed to be a positive learning experience, a team building opportunity, and fun. These events invariably involve overnight camping and a good social element.

  • Navigation Exercise
  • Basic First Aid
  • Vehicle Recovery Techniques
  • Communications
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vehicle & Kit Inspection
  • Basic Off Road Driving Assessment
  • Intermediate Off Road Driving Assessment
  • Once a volunteer has been signed off as a Responder, they have the opportunity to take advantage of a broad range of additional training organised by the Group including:

  • Off Road Driving to a Professional Standard
  • Safe Winching Techniques
  • Defensive Driving
  • First Aid at Work
  • Amateur Radio Licence
  • Basic Chainsaw Maintenance and Operation




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